Senior sensor electronics engineer


Minimum education:





3-5 years

Job description

1. responsible for the design of robot torque sensor circuit system, including overall scheme, device selection, PCB design, circuit simulation and analysis;

2. assist in product testing and certification, and solve problems fed back during product testing and production;

3. assist the superior in formulating product technical standards, design standards, technical development specifications, quality standards and other specifications;

4. complete the sorting of all relevant drawings and document output data, and standardize BOM and relevant technical documents;

5. develop the software and hardware joint commissioning, performance and function test of the prototype.

Job requirements

1. bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, communication, automation, measurement and control technology and instrumentation;

2. have more than three years of experience in software and hardware integrated product development, in-depth experience in circuit design, testing and maintenance, and be able to complete the design work independently;

3. be familiar with digital and analog circuits, sensor signal processing technology, ADC and other analog devices;

4. familiar with product certification process, reliability design, radiation, conduction design and rectification experience is preferred;

5. be familiar with relevant standards of sensors and robots, and have certain certification experience;

6. master c/c++, Python and other programming languages, familiar with robot operating system (ROS) is preferred;

7. experience in research and development of robot peripheral components such as robot six dimensional sensor, servo driver and safety controller is preferred;

8. good learning and communication skills, initiative, strong sense of responsibility, ability to understand English materials and working experience in torque sensor is preferred.

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